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With over 25 years work experience, Rebecca provides consultant work aligning corporate strategies with executive development. She specializes in obtaining measurably proven improved leadership behaviors that impact executive and organizational performance.

She has worked with executives in multinational organizations throughout Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa where she has delivered executive coaching and leadership custom delivery programs to a broad client base across the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, banking, consumer goods, electric, manufacturing , construction, automotive, insurance, transportation, and auditing sectors obtaining an in-depth knowledge of the leadership and business challenges they face. In her client work, she is also involved in the delivery of talent assessment center programs internationally.

She has been one of the pioneers in coaching senior management levels in Spain since 1992 and has extensive experience in the design and analysis of 360º feedback development tools. Prior to her consultant work, she was responsible for the residential telecommunications market at AT&T in Puerto Rico.

She is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®, Brussels) as Associate Coach and Trainer. Associate Coach and Facilitator for Mannaz based in Denmark and Associate Professor at the Instituto de Empresa business school in the Human Resources area where she designs and delivers Leadership & Coaching, Networking and Assessment & Development courses.

She holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master from the Instituto de Direivos de Empresa Spain-Chile, and the CTI Co-Active Coach Core Curriculum program accredited by the ICF.


Spanish and English

BASED IN: Madrid




CPI 260

Change Style Indicator

Benchmarks & 360 CCL Assessment Suite

Work Place Big Five


4MAT Practitioner


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