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Conchita works as an Executive Coach, and is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) as an Associate Coach. She also works as a trainer at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in California. Conchita specializes in executive coaching and leadership development and has extensive experience working with international executives from various countries and cultures. As a trainer, she specializes in coaching skills for coaches and leaders in organizations.

Conchita has a degree in Business Administration from the Complutense University and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. In addition, he is CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), trained with CTI. He has completed two leadership development courses: the active co-leadership program in Sebastopol, California, and an LDP (Leadership Development Program) with CCL in Brussels.

Before dedicating herself to coaching and training, Conchita worked in the financial area, beginning her professional career as a securities analyst at the Madrid Stock Exchange and continuing in the area of Corporate Development / Mergers and Acquisitions of advisory services. Then she moved to Germany, where she lived for 7 years, followed by 7 years in Paris. During those years, he primarily led projects that involved expanding the international presence of a company or division, often through acquisitions or alliances.

Representative Achievements

• Coaching the Technical Director of a very large Spanish food company to improve his work with his team and achieve a firmer and more effective interpersonal style.

• Coaching the CEO of the Spanish subsidiary of a French electrical appliance production company, to develop their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, as well as to achieve their alignment with their objectives and values and with the objectives and values of the company.

• Training for managers of a multinational pharmaceutical company in coaching skills.

• Training of future coaches in CTI programs (Coaches Training Institute).

Focus on your training:

Conchita has been trained in the Co-Active Leadership model, in which two trainers constantly improvise to extract the necessary learning from the participants through the creation of experiences and exercises and then discuss their conclusions. As such, it is a very interactive, dynamic and engaging trainer.

Knowledge areas:

• Leadership Development

• Coaching as a leadership style

• Interpersonal communication

• Executive Coaching

• Embark on new roles and maximize performance

• Building an authentic leadership style

• Increase awareness of the Self

• Psychometric tools for self-awareness

Customer types / Experience levels:

• CEO - Managing Director - Operations Director - Financial Director - Partner

SVP - Vice President - Director - Manager

Industry / Functional Experience:

Financial services, Industrial minerals, Beverages, Publications,

Aerospace sector, public service.

Culture / Multi-national experience:

• Coaching and Training in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, USA and Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. He lived in Germany and France.

Professional / Corporate Experience:

• Archive analyst, Asesores Burstiles, Madrid

• Director of Corporate Finance, Matuschka Gruppe, Munich

• Corporate Development Consultant, SAMCA Group, Zaragoza

• Corporate Development Consultant, Concordia, Barcelona


• CC Empresariales, Complutense University of Madrid

• MBA Instituto de Empresa, Madrid

• CTI Certification in Coaching, London.

• Co-Active Leadership Program, California

• Leadership of the CCL for Development, Brussels Affiliations


• Co-active Coaching and Leadership Alumni

• International Coaching Federation (ICF)

• AECOP: Founding member of the organization

• ICF Spain: Founding Member and First Treasurer


• Publication of the book: TACTICAS de Coaching para Mujeres

• Coordinator of the ICF Second European Conference Program

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English,

German, French and Italian

BASED IN: Sitges


Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I & II



Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)

CPI 260



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