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Mara Garofalo established her own company, Manage Lead & Grow Sprl, in Brussels in 2006. Her activity focuses on executive coaching, leadership development, management training, as well as team coaching.

Mara is of Italian origin, although she was born in Argentina and grew up in South America. He has had the opportunity to live and study in different countries and currently resides in Belgium for almost twenty years. Her history and experience have contributed to developing her understanding of and communication in the intercultural field.

Mara has been affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) as an Associate Coach since 1998. Her role is to assist managers with international experience in how to better understand how they react and the perception that others may have of their behaviors. On the other hand, he has the accreditation as a Coach for European institutions through his collaboration with TEA-CEGOS and EFE, providing individual and team coaching, training and teambuilding services to these institutions. Through other partnerships she has been involved in virtual training and coaching through platforms such as Webex, virtual teams.

He also has extensive experience in multicultural environments that is not limited to merely theoretical aspects, since he has had the opportunity to study and work in different countries, both in South America and in Europe and the Middle East.

His professional experience includes knowledge of academic organizations, non-profit associations and private companies. Has knowledge and experience of the problems that managers may encounter in their daily lives and maintains a practical and realistic perspective on how to solve their relational and management difficulties. Improving leadership skills through the development of self-confidence and self-knowledge is crucial in your activities. Mara is certified in a variety of psychometric and 360 ° instruments that she incorporates into her practice when necessary and relevant.

Mara obtained the diploma of Psychology in Paris and the Master was taken in Brussels.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English,

Italian, French

BASED IN: Brussels


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step I and II)


Californian Psychological Inventory (CPI 260)

Benchmarks & CCL Assesment Suite

Conflict Dynamics Profile

Matrix 360


Voices Architect Suite

There are 360

Cultural Orientations Framework

Solution Focused Coaching

Belbin Team Roles

Workplace Big 5


The Attentional & Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS)

Index for Emotional Intelligence

Team Diagnostics

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